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What to expect in yoga classes?

My vinyasa classes are strong and dynamic yet meditative – there is an emphasis on right and skilful action to energise the body and calm the mind. I enjoy working with different sequences and a range of postures to help students deepen their practice and understanding. Classes tend to be more on the challenging side – learning to be present, not on ‘auto pilot’, so that we can practice being as fully alive as possible in each moment in everyday life – not just on the mat.

Class levels

Beginner to intermediate
This class is perfect for beginners and practitioners who want to gain confidence in their practice. Chosen asanas are very accessibly and modifications are offered throughout the class together with extra teaching points.

Open level
A slighly more challenging class, suitable for beginners and more experienced practitioners. Generally an accessible class with some challenging asanas thrown in. Modifications are offered throughout the class.

Intermeditate to advanced
A challenging, flowing class, harmonising breath and movement to give strength, flexibility, grace and freedom. Expect to break a sweat and work your core muscles. This class is unsuitable for complete beginners.

Frank Seeger - Urdva Danurasana